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Scholarship Participant Confirmation Form


Scholarship Participant Confirmation Form

OAT2 Tuesday Night Government Rate Hotel Room Scholarship

2013 AIM Annual Meeting - Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Sheraton Boston Hotel

AIM has received OAT2 license portability grant funding via FSMB that will enable us to offer one night’s lodging at the government rate on Tuesday night, April 16, 2013 (first come – first served basis with one per board) to assist Board Executives (or a senior staff representative if the Board Executive is unable to attend) in getting to the AIM Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 27. AIM will reimburse one $201 + 14.45% tax ($29.04 tax) = $230.04 Government Rate Hotel Room for Tuesday Night, April 16, 2013 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.
Note: This scholarship program does not reimburse State Board Members attending the AIM Meeting. This scholarship is available only to AIM Members whose dues are current.

To participate in this Scholarship Program, fill out your name and address. The $230.04 reimbursement check will be made payable to the participant named and sent to the address below.

By completing the form below, I will be a participant in this scholarship. I have read and agree to the rules below.

Email Address:  



The Rules:
1) The Tuesday (April 16, 2013) Boston government rate hotel room scholarship participant will be required to sign-in at the AIM Annual Meeting both Wednesday morning and afternoon on a prepared list of eligible scholarship participants. The list will have participant’s name and mailing address; this address will be where the reimbursement check will be mailed.

2) The reimbursement check will be made payable to the participant.

3) Participants make their own government rate room reservations.

4) AIM will only reimburse one night – Tuesday, April 26 - at the government rate. The current Seattle government rate with tax is $201 + 14.45% tax ($29.04 tax) = $230.04.

5) Participants are responsible on their own for any amount above the Seattle government rate of $160.68. For example, if you book at the FSMB Convention Rate for the Sheraton Boston – that rate is $229 + 14.45% tax ($33.09 tax) = $262.09. 

6) We will be verifying participant room stays with the Sheraton Boston meaning no receipt is needed.  If you stay at another Boston hotel, you must provide a receipt for your Tuesday government rate room.

7) No reimbursement form needed: Since we are verifying stays at the Sheraton Boston, a reimbursement check will be mailed to participants staying there without them having to complete the AIM expense reimbursement form - as long as those participants have signed the sign-in sheet at the AIM Annual Meeting on Wednesday. If you stay at another Boston hotel, a government rate receipt for Tuesday night must be submitted to AIM before your reimbursement check will be mailed to you.

8) Scholarships are on a first come – first served basis.

9) One scholarship per board, and only to AIM members whose dues are current.